Muletti per la movimentazione dei server ed apparati nei Data Center. Ideali per ogni problema di sicurezza riguardo all'incolumità degli addetti e integrità delle macchine.

A batteria

Diverse soluzioni:
TKN49SL65 Server Lifter – 65Kg Capacity
TKN49SL85 Server Lifter – 85Kg Capacity
TKN49SL85EM Server Lifter – 85Kg Capacity Extended Mast
TKN49SL105 Server Lifter – 105Kg Capacity
TKN49SL105EM Server Lifter – 105Kg Capacity Extended Mast
TKN49SL155 Server Lifter – 155Kg Capacity
TKN49SL155EM Server Lifter – 155Kg Capacity Extended Mast
TKN49SL205 Server Lifter – 205Kg Capacity

EDP Europe’s new range of server lifters, are designed specifically to tackle the challenges of your typical data centre environment. Unlike the more traditional bulky alternatives, our range of Server Lifters are both lightweight and portable and could not be easier to use.

Server Lifter Features & Benefits Include:
  • Dual speed elevation and descent
  • Full operator protection, reducing the risk of injury and greater protection of staff (e.g. back injuries)
  • Battery charge meter
  • Soft grip bull bar handles
  • Highly attractive design
  • Greater protection for computer hardware during the installation process
  • Capable of lifting weights up to 205kg
  • Available from stock

Power Pack / Charger
2 x 12vDC, 7.2 Amps sealed for life, maintenance free battery pack with built in auto cut off 220/240/110 volt charger unit complete with battery life LED. This type of charger prevents the possibility of over charging the batteries and increases battery life. Direct drive power unit and motor housed within a protective moulded casing. Fitted on the lower mast for a low centre of gravity and improved stability. Charging time approximately 4 hours.

Ergonomically designed deadman type 12 Volts DC constant pressure sealed push button type control unit. Shatter resistant case, hand held or mountable in holster provided, double insulated cable. Holster can be locked to prevent unauthorised use. Two speed operation.

Diverse soluzioni:
TKN49WPM85 Manual Server Lifter – 85Kg Capacity
TKN49WPM140 Manual Server Lifter – 140Kg Capacity
TKN49WPM200 Manual Server Lifter – 200Kg Capacity